I'm mostly playing rhythm/riffs, so i'm fairly new to playing solo's. Please give me some tips/suggestions on how to improve my lead playing. Thanks!


(when I listen to it myself, it sounds to me like the middle section is out of time.. am I right?)
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only thing i'd say is try making the hammer on / pull offs and slides a bit more.... flowing.... they seem just a bit staccato to me... but yeah apart from that awesome stuff man! props!
Its not out of time at all. The one thing that's missing...is attitude. You've got the notes, you've got the tone, now all it needs is attitude. I recommend watch a couple of clips of James playing the solo live, including the clip in which he actually records the original solo so you can get some attitude and feeling in the notes, otherwise its all there, keep at it.

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Yeah I missed the feeling a bit, but it was a solid performance nonetheless. good job.
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You've got a pulse, and your technique seemed spot on

All you need is that flow, maybe some more legato work and you'd be in the clear.
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