I'm having massive problems with pull offs, I'm not 100% sure if I'm even doing them correctly, see the below image, when pull offs are tabbed like below does this literally mean pull from 15 to 12 and then 11 in one flowing movement (strike string once) or pull off 15 to 12 and then pull off 12 to 11 ... does that make sense? When I'm pulling off from multi frets in one go it just dies out so easily and sounds dull, I'm even flicking quite hard to make them sound out loud. I just want to make sure I'm actually doing it correctly.

That tab is played only picking the 12th fret once and the rest is pull-offs. That's an incredibly common legato pattern at that, and one of the easier ones. I personally would pull-off the 15 and slide down to the 11th then add some more sneaky legato from there, but that's just me

If your pull-offs sound dull it's your technique and nothing else. Even with a low gain clean setting you can have equally audible pull-offs and hammerons.
It's not necessarily about pulling off hard etc, but using correct technique more than anything.
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You got to actually "pull"/pluck the string - it's not like a hammer-on. If you just release your finger to the next, you won't get much sound and it will sound weak. Same goes for tapping.
If you're already doing this, it's just more practice because with proper technique your pulloffs are gonna sound fine and it's not hard
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Are you sure you're holding onto the lowest fret of the pattern firmly? It can be easy to accidentally release a bit of the pressure and dampening the string.