Here we are again. It's time to watch some horses run round a track for our monetary gain (or loss).

Who you got bets on?
Are you going to be unlucky and have all your horses not finish?
Did you pick a horse because it had a funny name?

All here guys.

I've got my bets.

Balthazar King
Colbert Station
Mr Moonshine
Vintage Star

Don't listen to me though, I've not had a horse place in the last 4 years.

Off at 4.15pm
Good Luck
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I got £2 each way on 'the rainbow hunter' which is 22/1

EDIT: looks like my horse is getting shot later

EDIT 2: my brothers horse came 3rd
You hit 'em and they get back up
I hit 'em and they stay down
- Frank Castle
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