Ok so about a week ago i was playing some John Mayer songs, which as you know use your left thumb to fret alot.

Spent quite a while playing that way, didn't feel anything when i was playing but the next day my thumb felt numb.

Its been a week later, still not messing with it, and the second crease where your thumb bends on the right side when you're looking at your palm, if you even slightly touch it, you can feel that same feeling you get when you hit your funny bone, and it goes from that spot up to the tip.

I was assuming it would fix itself, but it doesn't seem to, should i be going to a doctor for this by now or what?
If you have any doubts or concerns you should go see a doctor. Forums on the web really aren't the best place to ask for medical advice.

It could just be something like a pinched nerve, but I'm not a doctor, and I doubt anyone on here is. Since that's the case, you should go ask a doctor.
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