I've been playing guitar for quite a few years, but I've always been a rhythm player, the only solo I managed to learn was The Unforgiven solo by Metallica, I've tried learning the Tornado Of Souls solo (Stupid idea, I know), Orion (Also ****ed up) So, can anyone recommend me some good solos that wouldn't be too easy but would make me shoot myself? Thanks.
Well, since you obviously like metallica and megadeth (basing that entirely on the songs you mentioned), maybe continue in that vein? For Metallica you have the rest of the black album and load/reload for easier solos, Death Magnetic aint that hard either. (All compared to Unforgiven that is). For Megadeth i would recommend checking out solos from the Youthanasia album, it has the easiest solos from Marty, there are a few easier ones on Countdown aswell.

Difficulty is very subjective though. For instance back in the day when i played a lot of metal, megadeth and metallica among others, i personally had a really hard time picking up stuff by Marty Friedman, while my friend found it easier. And vise versa was the case at the same point in time with Dimebag from Pantera, i could learn his stuff pretty well, but my same friend couldn't.

Also another thing to consider is that every solo can be easy, if you slow it down enough. Then you have to work on building the muscle memory, so that you naturally can raise the tempo later on. Just something to consider, but it requires a lot of discipline (not to speed up too fast) and patience.

Hope that was of any use.
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One good one that is a step up from The Unforgiven but is not impossibly hard is Fade to Black. The main solo is pretty long, and has a bit of everything of Kirk's style at the time in it. Ironically, one of the trickiest bits in the solo occurs during the fade out at the end (repeated bends with fast triplets between them). I'd say that song is a good in-between step between The Unforgiven and some of the harder stuff you've been trying. If you're angling to be able to nail some of the stuff on MOP, then a further step between Fade to Black and that stuff would be Ride The Lightning. Another neat solo with a lot of different stuff in it, and this one's faster. But not MOP fast...
Suggestions for accessible metal solos:
The slow solo in master of puppets
The slow solos in One ( the clean ones)
The slow solos in Sanitarium
The slow solo in Powerslave( Iron Maiden - Powerslave)
The solos in Stranger in a strange land ( Iron Maiden - Somewhere in time)
though Youthanasia may be some of Martys easier Megadeth stuff, I wouldnt say its at all nearly as easy as Unforgiven, so I wouldnt recommend anything from him just yet except for maybe some of his solo stuff like the album Scenes and True Obsessions.

But where Id really start is Metallicas Fade to Black. Then stuff by Iron Maiden and some classics. The older metal songs tend to be easier such as Crazy Train, Rainbow stuff, and Sabbath. If you learn the A minor and E minor scale your can get away with improvizing the hard parts in those older solos since most of those songs are in these keys. Alot of Metallica and Megadeth stuff is in B minor.
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