So the problem that I'm having is that, my amp is buzzing really loudly when I'm plugged in and not even playing. The way i have my rig set up is, guitar -> distortion -> tuner pedal ->amp. Then for my fx loop i have Chorus -> Noise gate -> delay -> reverb.

I don't encounter this problem when i have my fx loop unplugged. the noise goes down severely. But when i plug it back it in, it goes back to the same problem. When i go to other places, like studios, gigs, it dosent happen either. Maybe its a grounding issue? From what i recall, i don't think i had this problem back at my old apartment. The way I'm powering my pedals is with a 1 spot multi plug in. And i have one separate power source for the distortion.

Im using a fender hot rod deluxe with a 100w celestial speaker.

Ive tried to isolate the problem by taking off the pedals one by one, but it still happens even with one pedal. Ive also tried different cables.
try a noise gate...I have the ns-2 by boss and it takes the buzz/hiss out of my amp.
EDIT: Sorry I just saw that you have a noise gate...I'll let others make suggestions
I'm not real familiar with that amp, but my EVH has a tube for the fx loop. Bad tube maybe? You could also try powering the pedals with batteries and see if that eliminates it.
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That amp has an op-amp (TL072) driven FX loop.
What happens if you just run a patch cable between send and return? Make sure it's a good one.
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