Hi all,

I have written a good amount of songs but don't seem to have time to play consistently with other people and form a band. I figured that starting a sort of online band might work better since you can record when you want.

To clarify, I play guitar and mainly play folk, blues, and indie rock. Most of the songs I play sound best on acoustic guitar, but I also play electric. I've recorded on electric using a USB interface but have recently ordered a nice new Rode HT1-A mic to record the acoustic with. I want to create originals as well as a few covers

I am mainly looking for: a drummer, a singer, and possibly another guitarist. Ideally we would send each other recordings and then record ourselves playing over it and continue swapping that way along with providing constructive feedback. I already have some recordings I'd like to send your way to get input and see what your style can bring to the table.

Either reply here or send me a PM if you are interested.
I've been doing exactly this with a friend using Dropbox as our library. Now we meet up every Sunday and are picking through the stuff to focus on recording together (we both live in Vegas). The actual online collaboration is clunky but it does work. Email me at rickespe@gmail.com. I'll try something. Got keyboard AKA drum machine, bass, guitar, djembe, cat and squeaky chair.
I'm a guitar player and I can also play bass and drums. I play mostly rhythm. I might be interested.
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I can play drums, bass guitar and sing (depending on what you're wanting) and have a professional recording setup with plenty of inputs to record live drums.
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I played in a band 35 years ago. Recently I caught up with a guitarist from it
who lives in Orange County, NY, where I live. He's been doing this for years,
he's pretty much a pro tools whiz. He writes a lot of music, and he sends me
the MP3 files and I sing and play guitars on them and send them back. Long story short, I bought a Zoom R8 for $229 no shipping no tax from Musician's Friend. It's way cool, built in mics, effects, amp simulators, couldn't be easier. I lay down tracks, transfer them as WAV files to my laptop, load them into Audacity if I want to make MP3s out of them.
I send them all back to him, and he mixes for hours. He also makes videos, he made this video of our first song. It's a total trip. He and I played in CBGBs in the early eighties, I think six people showed up. I still to this day haven't seen him since then,
and we write songs. The modern world is pretty astounding.