I was thinking about getting a compressor pedal but I don't really use any pedals in front of my solid state amp, I use mostly the effects that are build in to the amp which has quite a few effects , So if i got a compressor i think it would normally be placed first in the chain but since all the effects are build in to the amp I am not sure how it would work if i put it in the front of the amp any ideas ?
Putting a compressor in front of the amp will still be the same as placing it first in the chain. It will feed the guitar's compressed signal into the other effects (in your case, built into the amp), which seems is what you want to do.
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Compressors are either put first or almost last in chains, before delays and sometimes before modulation.

I put min first in my chain, so it'd be alright if ya ask me.
But does your amp have an fx loop?
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