I just submitted a chord chart for "Please" by The Kinleys. When I went to "tabs pending approval," I noticed that that chord chart was there along with another chord chart that was identical to mine with the contributor's name being "indeterminate." I clicked on it and noticed that it was my chord chart being reviewed under "indeterminate's" name. I rejected it as a duplicate. Then I got a notice that my tab with my name "fourpeat" was rejected as a duplicate. What has happened here folks!!!?
Can you post a link to this tab here please? And resubmit yours along with a link here
It looks like something went wrong with our use of the new TAB queue system. Some of us are making mistakes using it so I wouldn't take it too personally I voted approve on yours but to get the unregistered one removed, you'll have to bring it their attention in the WTF forum:


Just tell emad what happened and post the link in there. Have a good one!