This is a wonderful playing guitar. I've set it up with .10s and it plays beautifully, the neck is fast and the action is low. Nothing wrong with it, structurally, whatsoever, no buzzes or warps to be found. I love it and it's been my go-to guitar for band practice for a good couple of years, but I've got a posher Lag coming in, so I need the space!

Unfortunately the very thin finish is flaking off, and the neck is darkened and worn near the headstock on the bass side, and around and above the 12th fret on the treble side. I tried to capture as much of the neck as possible, there is a nice flame to it. Numerous dents and scratches.

The frets are in good condition, a little bit of wear but plenty of life left in them. Also, not the unique 'curved' pickup selector switch.

The locking trem is solid, no arm included unfortunately.

I think this is an older one, as I can't find much info. I did email Lag after I bought it and they said it was pre-2000, if memory serves.

I changed the neck and bridge humbuckers for Irongear Hot Slag and Steamhammer, respectively. I also changed the knobs for some funky abalone-topped black ones, if I can find the original ones I'll include them. The rest of the hardware is a frosted/matt chrome.

The hardcase is a decent wooden one with tolex covering.

Price-wise, with the hard case, I'm asking £130, including delivery. You'll struggle to find a better guitar for that money.


Be aware I've also listed this on eBay.
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