Hey all, looking for a new dreadnought and the Martin DRS1 has caught my eye. Like the look, price, and reviews I've read. Only question is in the difference between the DRS1 and the DRS2. All I can see is a different finish (1 looks like mahogany, 2 looks natural, both made from Sapele though). Anyone know about these or have any experience with them.
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the DRS1 is indeed a solid mohogany top wile the DRS2 is a solid sitka sruce top.
both have solid sapele back and sides. the 'hog top DRS1 will give you a more mellow, warm tone. it'll give up a little volume to get that but it's worth it.
Sapele is a close(more cost effective) cousin of mohogany. it's very similar in sound to 'hog.
i A/B'd taylor's 324 and 524('hog/sapele vs 'hog/'hog) and couldn't find enough tonal dfference to justify the extra expense. the 324 is now my favorite guitar.
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