I am adding an external switch to my OD pedal, its an SPDT ON-ON switch and the board im modding has an internal switch in it already. The #3 prong would be connected to the square hole right? just want some confirmation before i jump in with the soldering iron.
img 1: circuit diagram
Img 2: board
IMG_2778 (500x333).jpg
IMG_2777 (500x333).jpg
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it looks like the middle pin would be where the input(power or signal) would go, the other 2 are for whatever you want. no difference between pin 1 and 3. verify continuity with a multimeter.

no idea what the square whole is supposed to be. whats the switch for? cant really know what your trying to do if you dont tell us and much less if you dont tell us which pedal it is.
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