Sorry if this is in the wrong area, anyways, question about my guitar. In short, I accidently left my telecaster in its hard case in my car for two days. I understand it was stupid, and I've learned my lesson. But I'm not sure if it's internally damaged.
- rusted screws
- strings feel rough
- some lining on the guitars color changed color(no biggie)
It sounds fine minus the strings.
Just curious how would I know if its damaged from the inside without pulling it apart?
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Sounds more like moisture or humidity is responsible. Probably no way to know if there's internal damage without looking inside, unfortunately.
That would be heat damage. Show us some pictures.

Also, get some of this.

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That would be heat damage. Show us some pictures.

Also, get some of this.

Come on man, why give TC the wrong information?

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As long as the neck is straight, you should be fine besides the rust/corrosion that has happened (and that is only cosmetic)
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The neck looks fine. Just the outside, but I can live with it. I don't think there's internal damage but I'm taking it in.
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