Cog were an Australian progressive rock band who not only wrote great music, but really connected with my lyrically due to the political subject matter. Of all the bands I have heard, they are really only one of the few who's political views align with mine.

Because of my tiredness and general inability to explain things adequately, I'm just going to post the titles of some songs and the subject matter directly relating to them, perhaps with some lyrical examples, although most of their songs relate back to the New World Order theory, a Totalitarian government and the Zeitgeist Movement.

Note: Their lyrics are easily accessible through the Google machine if anyone is interested in having a bit more of a read for a better idea of what they're all about.

No Other Way - Mostly focuses around the idea of a Totalitarian government, although it does contain religious and New World Order context.
Ordered by a god above,
To murder in the name of love,
And they'll always claim that truth is on their side.

What If - Fighting back against a Totalitarian government, with obvious ties to the philosophy of the Zeitgeist Movement
What if,
In the future,
Just decided,
No more leaders,
Fighting to control us.

Bitter Pills - Having that realisation of the way the "system" works, and wondering if there is a way to fix/change it.
Unaware of the model,
I was taught to follow.
Baptised through the grapevine,
Rescued by a daydream back down where I found the open door

Problem, Reaction, Solution - Pretty much completely about the New World Order, and conspiracies they have been involved in. The first verse (example lyrics) are about the 9/11 attacks, while another verse deals with Pearl Harbour.
As I watched those buildings fall
Saw the writing on the wall
In the underground the gothics spoke of triggers for a war
There'd been a leak and not a plan
A new world order, understand?
And I stood there feeling like someone had planned it years before

Swamp - Not listening to government/political rhetoric, working together to remove a government
I don't listen at all to the government,
The government has gotta go.
No doubt, they've sold out
But right now we can end the game they're playing

The Spine - Heavy Zeitgeist themes (directly mentioned in the lyrics)/educating people on the way the "system" works.
Shot down in the road, let's see your number.
Wake up shoppers from your slumber.
Jackpot lottery, got bonanza.
Saionara propaganda.
Zeitgeist eye sore, got the price right.

Any help would be great guys, as like I said their political and philosophical views align exactly with my own, and hearing other bands with similar lyrics would be great.

P.S. Feel free to call me a conspiricist or a hippie. I love it.
Muse comes to mind:

Citizen Erased - A reference to the totalitarian ideas expressed in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Exo-Politics - This explores the idea of aliens creating a New World Order in order to organise an invasion.

Take A Bow - Tells world leaders that they need to be accountable for their choices.

There are others but this site better details the lyrical ideas in each of their songs:
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