I'm looking at buying a reverb pedal but can't decide which would be best. Beyond spring reverb, I really want a good hall reverb, and plate would be good too. And that's all.

I'm using a Les Paul into a clean Fender BJ, with a number of effects pedals before the amp.

I don't want to spend too much. My first thought was the EHX Holy Grail Max, which does everything I need, but watching YouTube clips, it sounds like it slightly affects tone. Then I spotted the TCE Hall of Fame, which seems to sound sterile. And of course there's the EHX Cathedral Reverb, which does everything but looks a bit complex and over-the-top for what I need.

Has anyone got these pedals or listened to them enough in reality to advise me as to which is the best, or at least, what they're like. I've never bought pedals from either brand. Can anyone help?
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The hall of fame sounds great. I'd definitely recommend it. Not sterile.

The cathedral is really good for anything except huge ambient reverbs. It isn't hard to set up. It just has a few knobs and a few modes and you set them the way you want.

The holy grail might be cool, but I have no experience with it.
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Dr. Scientist Mini Reverberator. Check it out.
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I like my boss rv5 but i just like a little bit of reverb to extend my sound. It does have a lot of options though.
Go for the Hall of Fame, used my friend's pedal and absolutely loved the variety of sounds you can get out of it
I'd go for the Hall Of Fame. It's pretty great, and not sterile at all.
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Hardwire RV-7 is great.

Better than anything else mentioned so far IMO.

I also like the Line 6 verbs a lot, I use my M9 for all of my reverb. They have a little standalone one, the Verbzilla, and there's also the M5.
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Line 6 M5 isnt a bad shout as youd be getting a tonne of other FX too and you could probably get a used one for about £70.

Hall of Fame is great, easy to come by used too.

Ive got both pedals. I would say i prefered the reverb on the HoF overall but the M5 has so much more going on
If you're into that stuff, a quadraverb 2 has reverbs (and some other funny stuff) way better sounding than any pedal I've heard.

If you want the footswitching, pair it with a behringer FCB1010 and you have a whole multi fx processor.
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Thanks for the responses. I decided to opt for the holy grail max in the end. It only took a couple of youtube clips to wow me, whereas a dozen clips of the tc pedal did nothing.