I was wondering if it's possible to take a bolt-on neck and glue it to the body? Second, if you have a set neck, can you shape the heel or would that break the joint? Third, can you shape a bolt-on neck that is glued on to the body?

I really wanna try these things but I have no idea if it will work. Anyways, thanks for any info.
1. You could but you would want to do some shaping and add some anchors or you will most likely just end up with the neck breaking at the glue join due to the lack of surface area for gluing. If you really want to do that I just instead to just use recessed neck bolts and fill in gaps and stuff and paint over it. Seems pointless but if you must that makes more sense then trying to glue in a bolt on neck.

2. It depends on the guitar, if there is enough wood between where the neck pocket starts and where you are shaping it then I do not see a problem with it. If its very thin I would not bother at risk of not having enough wood to properly hold the tension of the neck join and you end up with a broken joint. The type of wood would probably make a difference as well, such as a paulownia or poplar would most likely be too soft to do much shaping.
There is a reason that bolt-on neck joints are different than glued in/setnecks, and are made differently than bolt-on's. They work in different ways. A bolt-on does not have the proper surface area to be glued and be effective at it
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