Well... it is not my piece of cake, but I have to admit that I liked the music. I'm my opinion it would be a great soundtrack. Maybe you should consider also recording films
The first minute and a half would fit perfectly in Minecraft. Have you listened to C418? There's a bit of the same style here. Really like it. All the crackles are a nice effect, and it all sounds really nice around 2:30-mark. Very dynamic and interesting piece of music you've got yourself there.

Listen to mine?
The beginning creates such a great atmosphere with a moody piano and the wind going. Great combination. The atmosphere is compounded when the piano comes from and center around 1:10, The alarm like sound in the background is a nice touch.

I would like to hear a real bass on the track, The fake one really throws me off around 1:18.

Also, It's probably just me but bells make me feel sick. I hear them in a bunch of songs my girlfriend listens to.

The driving piano parts sound like they would be more well suited on guitar..maybe try playing both at the same time?

I really like how sound fade in slowly and really sneak into the song. If I wasn't paying attention I don't think I would of noticed them come in.

I think the fire sounds could be lowered a tad.

The reintroduction of the main melody is a nice touch too.
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How you bring the layers in one by one, then around 2:33 the overdriven part stops and eventually each layer is taken away, that stood out to me. The transitions seem very natural. Great production. Good job!
I often get bored quickly with these long ambient sounding tracks, but I really like this one. It changed enough to keep it interesting. Good job!
Love the chord progressions in this one! Your mixing seems rather good too. Only thing I don't like is the guitar tone, but that's preference I guess. Can see myself hearing this in a video game.

Keep it up!