Not sure if this is the right forum to be posting in. Used the search function to find a similar thread but nothing showed up on the first page, not that I looked very hard.

I'm moving to Australia at the end of May, and I get to only take one guitar with me unfortunately. I'm sure I'm going to have to sell one or both of the others so I have some extra money for while I'm over there, plus if I don't, they'll just be sitting here for 2 years.

I have:

Ibanez SZ320EZ White
Ibanez AK95-DVS-12-01
and a Yamaha APX700 Black

I mainly play blues, funk, rock and occasionally folk. I'm trying to get more into finger picking type blues and what not as well.

I'm leaning towards the Hollow Body just because it's sort of acoustic and electric. But for selling purposes, which would you have the hardest time parting with/what do you think I'd be able to make the most money off of?

Thanks for your time

I concur
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Honestly, if your a blues player and you can only pick one, i would keep the ibanez ak95.
Quote by dspellman
I'd try to take all three to Oz and sell them there.

+1 they are worth quite a bit more there.
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