Yo dudes, I have for sale:


Plutoneium Chi-wah-wah (The smallest wah pedal ever) $145

The elements! Awesome glyph graphic plus purple LED. This is the revised version with no noise in the circuit. Lots of gain on tap, full eq with control of clipping. Can add any flavor of dirt you'd like. $155

Dr Sci Tremolessence $145 New version with the rate sweep fixed for a smooth sweep from slow to ultra chop. This is really a badass pedal...

TC electronic Alter Ego delay $140 (Flashback with an echorec emulation, pretty badass)

Trades: none. I bought a ****ing Gibson new; now I am in debt.

Prices are pp/sh to continental US. I have the boxes for almost everything if you care about that, and none of them have velcro. All the Dr Sci stuff I bought new, along with the alter ego. Everything was kept in my smoke-free jam room and never gigged. (Also hardly ever played which is why it has to go.)
hi , did the tremolessence is it aavailable ? can you send it to France ? How many cost the shipping to paris ?
thank you for your awnser
best regrets