rg1570 recently setup with 10s trading for an american strat with maple neck.

my RG was worth more new, but i have a jem and i still play my MIM Road Worn Strat more than anything.

I have an MIM Road Worn that's my go to and then a MIM standard strat that i both love.

Plus i setup my strats with 11s and like the feel of that better. 11s on a my RG don't seem right, although maybe i should have tried it.

Any advice is appreciated.
If I was in your shoes, these are the questions I'd be asking:

- What pickups are in the Strat?
- Is it set up/does it play well?
- Is it a legit American Strat (I have a thing about fakes, can't be too careful)
- Does it have 22 frets?
- What colour is it?
- What condition is it in?
- Does it come with a case?

If the trade feels right, go for it!
Thanks, I perfer the case, but I also don't have a case for my ibanez. It's got 22 frets, that's about the only thing i check. It's candy apple red.

If i was to buy new, id prob get a blue HSS, but i like the feel of a strat better than wizard; or i do right now anyway.
Just make sure you try it out before you trade. And be sure to give it a thorough inspection.
Look for any damage, especially cracks on the neck or around the neck pocket.
Make sure the electronics work properly, and that it stays in tune.

Once you trade there's no guarantee that you'll be able to trade back if something goes wrong. I'm particularly wary of guitar swaps after I traded my Epiphone Zakk Wylde LP for what I thought was a Mexican Fender 60th anniversary Strat.

It turned out to be a Fender neck on a Squier body, with all Squier hardware. Luckily for me, the guy wasn't really digging the weight of the Les Paul so he was happy to trade back. I'm assuming he didn't know it was a mixup of Fender/Squier parts.
I think you would need to know a little more about the Strat before you trade....mainly which "American" Strat. There are many versions with different values. Strictly using a monetary point of view this is very important. Take away the monetary view, and its just a matter of if you like playing it better and don't care about resale, then go for it.

If it is anything of American Standard or higher model level you are probably making a fair to good trade monetarily speaking. Obviously, the year made is important as well.

If it is a lonestar or American Special or one of those GC special editions that have the lower quality parts or pickups in them then its probably favoring the guy with the strat a little bit.

Thats assuming similar condition on both, etc.
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I have seen rg1570 go for around $400-500 all day. As others have stated it depends on what "American" strat you are dealing with. I have found a lot of deals on my local CL that draw you in with the "American" info then to find out it is one of the lower models and they are asking American standard prices. It's very frustrating.
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Thought it was a standard. Turns out it's a highway one. Think I'll pass -