(The underscores represent empty space in the poem.... I couldn't get it to replicate my word doc)

June 21st, 2009
We make our way to our table for two
A second date _________ something special
Is brewing between us _____ I feel it when
You start to talk. You say a few words and
Then you stop.
_______________ A slight pause before
You continue on with the rest of your sentence

During that slight ___________ Hesitation
I feel your thoughts brush my heart
Dusting it off __________ Making it clean and whole and
Fresh again…


August 12th, 2009
“Happy Birthday my _________ birthday boy.”
You flutter your eyes as you move in to
And you move your body against mine
You begin to remove my ________ And I
- I remove your _______ And we

__________Our first time

June 9th, 2010
A year has passed since we had our first date
The smell of __________ roasted duck
_____ Fuels the air with a scent of
______________________ Reminiscence




October 3rd, 2011
Get it….. ___________________ OUT
I just want to finish your sentence when
You pause. ______ I am
____________________ Annoyed

May 10th, 2012
“I can’t ________ I just can’t ________ Believe you!”
I managed to roll my eyes five times during each
_______________ Intermission
So what? It is clear we can’t have fun anymore.
We throw a party ________ and end up yelling
______ I make up with you,
_______________ The only way I know how

____________ Our last time

May 13th, 2013
I make my way downstairs with my bags
One look back ___________ Even a second look
I see the tears start ______________ Your pretty
_____ Blue eyes ________ start with just one stripe
Tracing down your cheek.
____________ And then a flood soars down your face
You continue… silently… no words are needed

Your sadness told me everything and yet
_____I feel empty __________ Emotionless

What I once found adorable has now been

___________________________ Overplayed
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I don't get what you're going for. Is this a progression of your lyrics, or is this you narrating throughout the song?