Some of the guitar playing could be tighter towards the beginning. I like the lead guitar. I like the human chorus stuff happening. Some of the singing vocals are a bit pitchy. I think the song gets tighter & better as it progresses. Please review my music at this link (everyone knows the snake represents the devil, yet in part of the Old Testament, the snake on the pole represents Jesus; which I think is surprising, hence 'Duality of the Snake'):

Pretty original riff to start, I think the guitar playing is really good, but the solo at the start kicks in a little loud. It may just be me though.
The only thing that bugs me a little is the vocals playing, although you may have gone for that style, the voice is weak, maybe you could add some backing vocals to make it stronger
Nice ending solo, it reminded me of Black by Pearl Jam, but in a more metal fashion, very nice!

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