My first thought is the Yamaha FS720 (they don't sell the FS700 here) but it's quite expensive, costing $440 locally without a case and it has that premium feel with how smooth and beautiful it looks my god does a beginner even have the right to rub his grubby hands on this. The Cort Earth 100 costs a hundred dollars less, has a solid spruce top too but it's a dreadnought. Any other recommendations?
i think you answered your own question. the Yammie would be the way to go. it's a great "bang for the buck" guitar that will last you for a few years. cheaper ones will be harder to play and need to be upgraded sooner. therefore costing you more money in the long run.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Good point, I just wish they have the FS for the 700
Could save about 80 dollars without the looks
Can they order FS700 in? If they are a yamaha dealer they should be able too.
I sent the Yamaha company an email, so I'm just waiting for a reply now :/
do you have seagull or recording king guitars where you are?
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if there available you should check out Alvarez guitars. I have an AD60 that i got for $319 and i love it. Sounds amazing,feels nice and the quality is fantastic. I prefer this to my buddies D18 Martin that costs 5 times as much. Definitely worth checking out
I just found a shop selling Taylor, Lakewood, Lag, Martin and Alvarez. They don't have the AD60 here, but there's a ATD60. Will that be the same size as the FS since it's labelled as a travel size dreadnought

And nope, the seagull S6 is 650 here which is above my budget and we don't have recording king guitars