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Hi there!

As the title suggests, I'm looking for some advice on which guitar to buy. I have made a short list of 5 potential guitars that I found interesting, could you share your views on them? Here's the list:


So basically, Ibanez vs. Shecter vs. Jackson, all of them between the 600-800$ range. I have no experience of any of the brands since I've only played the cheapest Epi out there. Which out of these guitars (brands) would you say offers the most quality for the money?

Edit: I'm mostly interested in the Ibanez RGA42, mostly because it's the cheapest.


Would you say it's a reliable guitar and would I experience a step-up from my cheap Epi Special II?

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I don't know much about these guitars but I can answer your last question.

The Ibanez (or any of these) will be a reliable guitar and it will be a big step up from that special II
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I don't have direct experience playing the RGA42 but it looks nice. It does have a set of Ibanez active pickups which may or may not be quality (again- I haven't played this guitar directly). I think Ibanez makes quality products- especially in the price range you are in.

That doesn't mean the other makers don't have quality instruments also. I have played some very nice Shecters and the only negative for me is the neck shape. I prefer the nearly-flat Ibanez necks- but to each his own.

Best advice is to try and play all of them. See which one feels best in your hands, sounds best to you and looks best to you. Sometimes this is impossible but every now and again a cheaper guitar will feel better in your hands than a more expensive one (i.e.- neck shape).

Yes any of these will be a step up from your current guitar. Happy purchasing!
I play an RGA72TQM, the newer 42s, I think have better pick ups. the RGA series is very reliable I found and also very comfortable. And judging from the guitars you listed you play metal. The RGAs can hold their own
I have a schecter c-1 and I don't have enough good things to say about it. It's very versitable, reliable, and plays great. I would defintitely recommend buying a schecter.
However, if you don't want a fat neck, go for the ibanez. Schecter's are known for having thick necks.
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The Jackson and the RGIR are the best values on that list for sure. I'd go with the Ibanez though. That Schecter is the most expensive, but it has crappy pickups, however, you might not like the EMGs in the Jackson/RGIR, it's best to just play around and pick a sound and type you like.
Cheers guys! It seems like I can't really go wrong with any of those babies.

The thing is, when it comes to sound, I'm not that picky. The quality of the different parts are more important to me. I'd like to avoid the same issues I had with the Epi, had to change the nut, the tuning machines and the pots as well because it had some really nasty wiring in it.

Basically I'm looking for a good stock guitar so I can rather focus on my playing than the god damn trouble shooting all the time.