This is my first cover (partial though), so I am aware that there is a lot space for improvement, but still I wanted to show my work.

I play all guitars + bass. As I don't have an electric guitar, everything was recorded with an acoustic one using Amplitube software.

I am still working on it, so please let me know what you think that needs to be improved, and I hope you'll like it as is now.


PS. The drums are somewhat low quality; I couldn't find drum only track, just drums + bass, so I lowered the bass and the drums lost their bass too.

I really like this cover. Only crit is at 1:30, it gets a bit distorted, not sure how you recorded it, but could resolve it by reducing the volumes of some of the tracks at that point or using eq to cut the unneeded frequencies so the bass/lead/rhythm arent piling up. Other than that it is well played, the sync is good and the tones are pretty nice on the ear and compliment each other well.
Yep, I completely forgot to fix the clipping in the final track (I only fixed it in the separate tracks). Will keep this on mind for the next time I do some recording.

Thanks for your opinion!