So I have just fitted my Schecter Omen Extreme-7 with D'addario EXL117's with a 62 on the low B, This will be played in drop A, G and F. I was just wondering if this is suitable?
It has a 26.5 scale length and It is holding well at the moment at Drop G
honestly a .062 will be decent for just regular old B.. you may get A out of it.. but def not G or F. (edit: I see you say its holding well at G so if that works for you, just bump up the gauge a little for F)

Ive seen posts where people used tension calcs on 25.5" scales and to get to F and have decent tension you need a .09 string.

You can put whatever tuning on whatever scale you want so long as the string is thick enough to have enough tension.

These super low tunings really do require a full set up though, you won't be able to just switch from F to A like that

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Yea, I did go through a full set up for Drop A and only go to G to play one song. However the intonation and neck are fine at G, along with string tension.