Or bands that became notable in the 2000s, anyway

like you look at a band like mastodon, effortlessly cool and makes great music

yet a band like five finger death punch is a try hard douche-metal band, you know.

It could be from any genre, too.

Try not to name any -core bands though, since that'd be too obvious.

Like, Dream Theater might even be in the list

Something about that band..I can't put my finger on it
so again:

try-hard buttmetal bands that take themselves too seriously

Slipknot would be another one

Drowning Pool..Basically any nu metal band outside System of a Down
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I like all those bands =p so I'll just list the ones I like to give you some options.

Lamb of God
All that Remains
Shadows Fall
Avenged Sevenfold
Killswitch Engage
Stone Sour
Bullet for my Valentine

and basically everything you listed. Those are ones that might fit your description but I like more than all those bands. Some of those are probably -core bands too.
98 Degrees.
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