Hi guys,

i'm looking for some new pus to replace the stock one in my Tokai Les Paul (solid mahagony-body i think).
I'm heading for a Buckethead-style sound, so good at middel to semi high distortion, but also good cleans and clarity over all.
Maybe a Crunchlab - Air Nortion Combo would do?
Or something from Gibson?
I would appreciate your help.
I do not want to spend over 80-90€ for each PU, so BKP is not really a choice for me.
Buckethead's white Les Paul uses Gibson's own pickups.

496R in the neck position and a 500T in the bridge position.

I can't see how else you could get closer to his sound.
True, but he has used dimarzios in the past and i think nobody knows which pus hes really playing atm, right?
For me personaly I use Dimarzio Super distortions for that style of playing. It is actually for me a versatile pup. I find I can pretty much eq the amp to get whatever I want out of it.

It being ceramic matches what the 500t is. I just dont like Gibson pups voicing.
What the hell!!!
What amp do you have?
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If you are looking at his older tone using the Flying V's or whatnot it is probably some Dimarzio X2N's or custom shop pickups, on anything that he is using his signature Gibson for they are just the standard Gibson pickups painted white. You would probably have good results with the 496R and 500T from Gibson. Also as Gary has insinuated, depending on your amp the pickups you purchase may not matter at all.
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Quote by GaryBillington
What amp do you have?

Hughes & Kettner Attax 100, trans-amp.