Looking to buy a travel guitar. I'm moving to Australia for 2 years and don't feel like bringing one of my full sized guitars is a good idea, since I'll be traveling my way back home through Asia and Africa for 6 months or more.

I know they make some realllly good ones these days, but I'm hoping not to have to spend $1000+ for a decent one. I'm hoping to spend under $600, even better hopefully under $500.

I play blues, folk, funk, rock if that makes any difference. Preferably steel string, and with an electric pickup, since I just picked up a sweet little HoneyTone Mini amp to take with me.

So what are your opinions on travel guitars? Do you have any suggestions? Have you tried many out?

Let me know, thanks

I'm currently looking at the Breedlove Passport Travel, Baby Taylor, Taylor GS Mini, and Martin LXM.
I recently bought a Cort Earth Mini for less than US$200. It has a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides. Finish is almost bare, but a reviewer says it has tone bars making it less affected by humidity. It looks like a baby taylor and it is very loud. Tone is decent to my ears. I brought it to a luthier for setup and he only adjusted a little coz he says the action is already low. I bought it for my son so he can learn guitars, but I enjoy using it. Only thing is it does not have a built-in transducer.
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look at the Holden Village website for a VERY special edition GS mini. you wont find it in any store. it's also on Taylor's website. it's 549 with 22.52 shipping to CONUS. i have all 3 minis but this one is really special. it's Engelmann top with flame maple back and sides. Taylors only making 1000 of them. you wont believe how loud this thing is for such a small guitar. it's louder than my 616ce. it's warm mellow voice lies right in between my spruce top and mhogany top minis.
plus you have the added benefit of helping out a great cause.
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awesome, thank you guys for taking the time to respond. I'll look into both of those.
I'm almost looking for a Acoustic-Electric combo, I think I mentioned that above. For these straight acoustic mini's, does anyone know how buying one of those pickups that you put in the sound hole works? Can that even work with a travel guitar? And if it does, what is the quality like?
the GS mini has a larger lower bout than most travel guitars, but it's definitely smaller than a dread or 000, and it sounds very good - way better to my ear than the baby taylor.

i don't think a soundhole pickup will work in most travel guitars as they tend to have smaller soundholes. but you can get the taylor ES-Go system for the GS mini http://www.taylorguitars.com/guitars/acoustic/features/electronics/es-go

or you can get a full-sized folding guitar - voyage-air makes some very affordable models.
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I found a Baby Taylor on craigslist for $200, but I think I'm going to lean towards the GS Mini, and pick up the ES-Go. Or there's an Escape MK-II which I found for a decent price and looks like a real nice buy.

I've also debated just waiting for when I get to Aus, but I feel like I'll be really busy when I first get there, (Driving from Perth to Perisher) so it may be too much hassle. Also when I decide I want something, I want it now hahahah

Anyone tried the Breedlove Passport Traveler?? Reviews look good, but seems to be hard to find in my area. May have to order online

Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it
Hey Guys,

I'm a student and during the week I'm in a city - I'm living in a small apartment, and I really wanna buy a small seized guitar, because my dreadnought is way too big and uncomfortable.
I played with the thought to buy either a Baby Taylor mahogany or a Sigma Tm 15e. Do you have any experience with one of those guitars? I've had the occasion to play the Sigma, and it's actually a pretty good sound for the size. But if I listen on Youtube at the Taylor, it seems like, that the Taylor has much more power and volume. But I'm not sure about it. May it is just the recording?

I would appreciate any kind of advice.
I think the general consensus is that the Taylor GS Mini is better than the Baby Taylor. There's also the Big Baby Taylor, but I haven't heard it talked about much and not sure how much bigger it is.
I've decided to go with the Holden Village guitar like you recommended stepchild. This guitar looks and sounds beautiful. I live in Canada so I'll have to call them to order it and hopefully it can arrive before I leave for Australia.

Has anyone had an issues travelling with GS Mini's??? Airports not letting you take it as carry on? it is quite a bit bigger than other travel guitars, so its the only thing making me skeptical of purchasing it, because that would be a huge draw back if I'm going to get hassled every single time I try to take it onto a plane

most airlines allow it as a carry-on...oddly enough, i'm not allowed to take mine on a USAF aircraft...go figure. it fits easily in the overhead. took mine a couple of times to San Diego(ironically, the birthplace of the mini) without any issues. the padded gigbag that comes with it is more than sufficient protection... the rumor is that theres a secret pocket somewhere on the gigbag...good luck finding it .
congrats on the HV mini ! i love mine( i actually have 2, "the Blonde" claimed my first one as hers). it projects like no other smaller bodied guitar ! a small note, the HV mini does not like light strings, it comes with mediums and i recommend keeping them. my other 2 minis are great with lights but the Engelmann doesnt care for them. with the really easy action on the mini, you wont notice the meds anyway. i went back to med on the other 2... easier to just order a case of the same strings... i use them on my 616ce's anyway. bring about a 1/2 doz sets with you, strings are painfully expensive and hard to come by in Australia.
you should be getting one of the last of the origianl 300... lucky you! in a couple of years, your HV mini will be worth more than what you paid for it. not many guitars can claim that.
the HV mini has a fantastic back story. you can even see your guitar from the forest to your living room. a lot has been explained about them on the AGF forum if your interested.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
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wow thanks for the info man! its good to know about the light strings, I was definitely thinking about putting some on, and now I know better.

Really excited to get this guitar