A while back, a friend of mine gave me an Ibanez Pro Line 1550, which was manufactured in 1985. It did not include the tremelo unit. This guitar, of course, used the rare Pro Rock'r unit. Incidentally, my brother HAD a Pro Rock'r, that he took out of his old Destroyer back in the 80s. The key word is "had", as it is now lost.

I have looked around, and finding one of these units is rare. Because nothing is ever easy, the stud spacing, and routing for this tremelo are all proprietary to Ibanez. It looks like my chances of ever replacing the thing are slim, to none.

The guitar, itself, is in pretty good condition. The neck seems true, with no warping, or twisting. None of the frets have popped, or protrude, and exhibit almost no wear. The finish has yellowed to more of a cream / pearl color, from the originally metallic-white, and there are a couple of dings. Otherwise, I can't see any major defects. With no bridge, I honestly have no idea how it sounds, or plays.

So, Ibanez guys, what should I do with this guitar? I don't really need a 22-fret "super Strat" right now, but if it is worth keeping, I might. Should I try to find the tremelo? Should I part it out? Sell it as is? Try my hand at a new body? What I don't want to do is spend the money and effort to retrofit it with a different trem (which I have heard is a PITA with everything but Kahler).

Thanks from the FNG!
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Yeah those bridges are pretty rare to find these days. I would part it out that should maximize your return. Check the evil auction place for finished sold auctions and that should give you an idea of what to expect.