I'm new to this so if you're not sure what i'm asking then please feel free to assume that I know very little.

I have heard a few Fender Marauder demos. Let me get this out of the way first - i hate the triplebucker. This is not about the triplebucker.
I do like the jazzmaster pickup, and I like the jazzmaster combined with the first rail of the triplebucker even more.

I am positive that i want to have a jazzmaster pickup, but I would like to find something better than the triplebucker to pair it with. That got me thinking about the p90. Maybe it would be cool to have both on the same guitar? I just don't know if the p90 would give the same "fendery" twang as the first rail of the triplebucker. If p90 plus jazzmaster doesn't work then I'd like to know...

While I'm at it - what if I got crazy with a third pickup? Maybe a bridge humbucker that pairs nicely with the P90?

Oh one more thing i guess - about the jazzmaster pickups - i have heard that they're too big to fit in a standard humbucker route. Is that true?