Got a baritone guitar a few months ago. An agile 3010. Love the guitar and its well made. When I got it, it was strung with 10-56 set of strings. I changed the strings to get a better tone, went to DDT's 13-65 set, and also to make down tuning a little more stable. I set it up for drop B tuning, B, F#, B, E, G#, C#.

When I did the setup I was noticing that the low B would buzz a little bit. Sounded like it was at the nut. When palm muting, no matter how hard I would mute, or how close to the bridge I muted, there was always a overtone afterwards. Kinda like the muted notes reverberating even with my palm still tight against the bridge. Could only remedy this with conscious left hand muting, a bit of a nuisance. I added some more relief to the neck which helped with the slight buzz but the muting thing is still going on. The guitar has a TOM bridge and I've never really adjusted those before. I've tried everything and cant seem to get the action right and eliminate the overtone.
The thumb screws on the TOM are tight can only adjust the bridge by the mounting screws.

Also as a side note was thinking of dropping to Drop A, or G# for some songs I've been wanting to learn. The guitar has a 27" neck was wondering, with that string gauge and some neck adjustments shouldnt those tunings be possible? Sorry for the lengthy post any help would be appreciated.
P.S. thinking its a neck issue/action or bridge hence the post title. The heavier gauge strings sit solidly in the nut but ride kinda high, maybe a quarter in the slot, maybe the nut is the overring issue. happens even with a capo though.
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My Michael Kelly was doing the same, when palm muting was getting an overtone and was getting really annoying. Found out it was the strings just after the nut ringing, i would suggest a bit foam under the strings or a hair band tied round hope it helps
This sounds mostly like a setup issue; difficult to diagnose those at a distance.
Worse, it doesn't sound like you've got a lot of experience doing setups (the "mounting screws" thing was a giveaway), and if your strings are too high on the nut, you'll likely have set things up with a bit of fret buzz as well.

What part of the country are you in? My suggestion is to pick a specific tuning and string set that you want to work with long term and then take the guitar to a really good tech (emphasis on the Really Good) and have it properly set up. I normally do ordinary/maintenance setups on my guitar, but I hand off my "Guitar Is New To Me" initial setups to Gary Brawer in San Francisco, for example. On occasion, this has meant a run on the PLEK machine, but when I get the guitar back, it's SO on the money that even a year later there's little I have to do to adjust it.

The 27" scale should be able to handle a B standard tuning easily enough, so Drop A should be within reach. I dunno that I would have wandered into that particular string gauge, but it should work, too.
Thanks for the replies. I have two other guitars have set them up with various gauges and actions, one is an ibanez with a floyd rose. The other an LTD with a similar tone pro but its strung through the body so its a little different with the agile. Never had any problems before, my LTD is set to standard, My Ibanez is drop C, so thats why I was a little perplexed why I couldnt get it set right. Figured the nut may have to be cut to accomodate the heavier string gauges, but thats why I tried to capo. Figured if it was the nut the capo would eliminate the problem and point me to the nut issue. But it did not.

Oh well, guess its going to the tech. Hate to do. it havent had to do that in years. I like to be able to handle my own guitar work. Again thanks for the replies. any other thoughts are still welcome.
Thats part of the problem as to the tech. The local very large sam ash like chain in NY by me is well known, they even have a store in manhattan but a LONG time ago I took a guitar there when I didnt know anything and wasnt happy with the setup. For all I know that guy might not even be there and maybe they have a decent tech now. Guess I'll find out. I know adjustments on the TOM should be the thumbwheel but its been tight since I got it.