I have a 4x12 cab with swamp thang and Texas heat in the X positions and a solid state PEAVEY VYPYR 100w with 2x12 Blue Marvel that I intend on switched to the patriot series as well.

So question is, how do I run all 6 of them at the same time?
I'm going for

TH ST. all 6(2x12 from vypyr) in X position

I currently have
X. X. (Not connected)

secondary question is this bad? The speakers have the same info ;12;150w;16ohm. But the peavey head was designed To push only 2.speakers with that description. Is running 4 bad?

I took speaker wire and soldered 2.male terminals to pos+ and Neg- ends that connect to the head and soldered a 1/4 male jack from a guitar cable to the other to connect to the cab

So how would I get the 2x12 in the combo connected without harming my amp or any hardware at that matter ??

Only idea I have is to create a SPLITTER . Where the wires meet the speakers
It is not entirely clear what you are trying to do here. Are you just trying to make a 6x12 cabinet?

What is important is the total load presented to the amp, not how many speakers there are. With 6 speakers there are many different ways you could connect them to create many different loads but the most sensible would be to hook them up in a series/parallel combination to keep the total load at 16ohms.

If the combo has 2 speakers at 16ohm it's likey that they are wired in parallel for an 8ohm total load. Check what loads it is capable of accepting.
If you understand ohms, you need to keep the ohmage the same. It doesn't matter how many speakers. Let us know the ohm rating of the blues and the ohm rating of the amp. You also need to understand parralell v series.If you let us know these things we could help in a jiffy.
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Sorry guys I did not know what I was trying to ask
And my specs are

Peavey vypyr 100w head 8 ohms

The speakers stock are blue marvel 2x12 8 ohms each, Idk how how they are wired currently

Yes I'm trying to run a 6x12 setup with 12' 8 ohms speakers all same brand how would one wire that?
I'm not sure how ohms work or series parallel vs parallel series.. I have diagrams how to make it work with 4x12 8 ohms speakers but nothing out there for 6x12 running at 8ohms 100w...except Sunn with the 6x12 16ohm setup to make 8 ohms

I'm ok with(like I have a choice) buying different 12's rated at different ohms to have 6 running at a total of 8ohms