I'll set the scene:
It's a smoky dive bar in the middle of nowhere. The club is slightly shady but the crowd is jumping and ready for a show. By the bill posted at the club you can tell you are about to see an alternative rock band as they've got on flannels and long hair as early alternative rock bands tended to do. the MC announces the band and they come out, distortion ablazing...

What songs are you hoping to hear? I'm looking for the over 30 crowd here since you were alive when alternative was still good.

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Smoky bars? What primitive place do you live in? Smoking in bars and restaurants has been banned here for the last ten years. Filthy shit.
Rage against the machine if you can do a good cover. Smashing Pumpkins have a few (zero, bullet wi h butterfly wings, today, cherub rock).
Mj's 'beat it' would be sweet. Creep. Pearl Jams Alive, or Jeremy. Black Hole Sun. Some old greenday. Placebo's 'every you and every me'. Hole's 'doll parts'. mmm mmm mmm by crash test dummies.
I think Today by SP would get the place singing. Creep by Radiohead. Animal and Rearviewmirror by PJ. Not a big Green Day fan but Basketcase would be cool. Anything off the Blue Album by Weezer. Or Pinkerton for that matter. Not really "grunge" but close enough for me.
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middle of no-where eh?... slightly Shady Crowd... hmmm:
Björk, Violent Femmes, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, The Prodigy, (then from out of nowhere Lana Del Rey and P.J. Harvey crash the stage and duet Trent Reznor's Hurt together, as if to let the crowd momentarily catch their breath or something, but crescendo with massively distorted guitars in an almost hystercial Kurt Cobain vocal as if to set a new direction and theme for the rest of the night... and then oddly vanish as suddenly as they had appeared)... completely psyched and inspired the band continues... Marilyn Manson, Rage Against The Machine, Faith No More, Ween, Unsane... bringing it all to a final close with a kind of back to reality but FULLY PUMPING version of Bloodhound Gang's The Roof Is on Fire!!!

Yeah maybe something along those lines just might do for me, bearing in mind I had to stick to the one music genre...
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Dramarama's Anything Anything; Cracker's Teen Angst or Low; Weezer has a few; Nine Inch Nails; REM; Nirvana; Cake; Everclear; Social Distortion; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Harvey Danger had a good grunge hit that maybe is a nice option rather than Green Day or Blink 182. I also like the idea of taking alternative hits that were not "rock" but more synth-like and playing them in a harder, rock style, like New Order, Depeche Mode, Cure, etc.

You can find lots of Top 100 Alt Songs type of lists, just go through them and it'll probably be obvious which (1) You can play given your band's instrumentation/abilities, and (2) You actually would enjoy playing.

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