Hey y'all,

First question, is it worth it to get a vintage Big Muff over a new one? How do the new ones sound? How much is a vintage one?

Second question, what's the most vintage sounding Envelope Filter out there? That sounds kind of funny, but I think a lot of newer ones sound a little too robotic and a little too fake. Maybe that doesn't help, but any thoughts would help. Thank you!

There are dozens of Big Muff variants out there. Ie: the newer, plain ol' big muff Is actually pretty tame, as far as fuzz goes and the old "ram's head" big muff Is anarchic chaos. The russian muff Is a lil nastier than current norm as well. Its really a matter of taste and trying any you can to find the right one for you.
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For a classic envelope I love the mutron. The Q tron is cool too. Just doesn't sound as natural and funky as the mutron.
For fuzz, have a look at the Blakemore Effects' Deus Ex Machina .
It's based on the IC Big Muff, with a couple of mods (a clean blend knob and a mid boost knob). Great pedal.
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