Hey, I'm looking for a versatile Bass guitar but I will probably use it for rock and punk mostly.
I see the Mark Hoppus bass used for around 550. I thougth about that but I see I can get the quarter pounder pickups and install them myself for shy of 100.

So I was thinking since I don't really like the colour of Mark's basses, and I don't need to be made fun of for playing a blink guitar in a non pop punk, Punk band (I love blink by the way, but I do understand).... I thought I could aquire a MIM fender p-bass and throw in the quarter pounders. Was wondering what others thought about that idea. Is it silly or a decent idea?
For the record, the MH signature bass is amazing and comes in lovely colours, screw you.

Others may disagree, but my recommendation would be to get a Classic Vibe Squier or Modern Player Fender, especially if you intend to replace the electronics anyway. A little extra room in your budget will mean you can get a Badass Bridge (a must for any rock bassist.)

Alternatively, look on Talkbass, Basschat or eBay and find a second hand precision bass that someone has already upgraded.
Find a used Highway 1 Precision, play it for a bit, THEN decide if you want the SPB-3 in it. They don't really sound like traditional P pickups. Just because a lot of people use them (myself included) doesn't mean you have to as well.
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