I found this tune on Youtube, it's called "Smoke" by a singer-songwriter named Shane Hunt. I'm trying to play it, and I can play quite a bit of it, and I've tabbed it out. I'm having some troubles though on a couple sections. If anyone could watch the Youtube video of the song and help me figure out what he's playing, I'd truly gratefully appreciate the hell out of it!

Intro Riff:

(Repeat once without the lick on the D string)

Verse: Play the Intro riff 8 times without the snazzy D lick

Pre-Chorus: This is the first section where I have trouble. I can't quite tell what chords he's playing, but the first one looks like his finger is on the 7th fret of the D and he slides up keeping the same shape to the 9th and then to the 5th...

Shane then plays the Intro riff one more time before strumming what looks to be an E chord and then sliding up three frets to the 5th, keeping the same shape...

Chorus: This is the second part that's giving me troubles. It looks like Shane is playing the same chord shape he used in the Pre-Chorus, but sliding up and down the neck at the 12th, 7th, 8th and then 5th frets... At the line "Desire's a killing joke" he seems to go back to the E shape again, sliding it up again on "and I'm long gone"

Break Riff:

(Repeat this four times, on the fourth time, hit natural harmonics on the 5th fret)

Then it's back to the Intro Riff (Repeat once without the lick on the D string)

The Verse, Pre-Chorus and Chorus repeat. The E(?) shape slide Shane plays on the line "Desire's a killing joke" is repeated once before "and I'm long gone"

Bridge: In the outro, Shane seems like he's playing the same chords from the chorus just in a different order, but other than that I really don't know...Same goes for the "We are like smoke" part.

The outro is the Break Riff, ending with the harmonics.

If anyone at all can help me tie up all of the loose ends I have in learning this song, I'd appreciate it SO much! Thanks in advance!

Here's the link to the video: Shane Hunt - "Smoke"