I just got my shiny new Epi LP Std(Plain Top Cardinal Red). I love the guitar. It's AMAZING but there is one problem I have, which I can't find any solution to(or even mention of) on the internet. The Rhythm/Treble switch seems to be wired incorrectly or not working correctly. Correct me if I'm wrong here(this is my first LP) but I was under the impression that Rhythm/Treble is really just a pickup selector, and that if the 3-way knob is centered, both pups should be on. Right?

But on mine, the middle and Rhythm are the exact same thing. I can never have both pups going at the same time. If I have it in the middle and turn the rhythm pups volume down, I have nothing. If I am playing a chord and let it ring and switch between Rhythm and middle, there is no difference in sound whatsoever. Gibson and Epis have a lifetime warranty of sorts, and I just got this guitar 2 days ago so I could probably return it, but I ordered it online and it would be a lot of effort. Is this something that is easily fixed? Is this common? Any help would be appreciated
Change out the switch.

I had the same issue on a PRS SE. I cleaned everything. The switch checked out OK on a meter. I completely rewired it, replacing everything but the switch. No change. Took it in. The tech checked the switch, OK. Rewired it, same issue. We replaced the switch, everything worked as it should.

From now on, its the first thing I change out.
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The issue you've described is extremely common with Epiphones, it has happened with every single one I've owned over the years at some point or another.

Get yourself a Switchcraft 3-way toggle switch and you'll be sorted.