Hello, what amp to buy as a home practice amp and a backup amp for giging? Should not be too expencive. I am looking at Vox AD30VT or Peavey Vypyr 30? What do you think? which one to buy?
Where in the world are you based? I may have a second-hand Vox AD50VT available (50 watt version of the AD30VT, but adjustable power) for cheap.

I disagree with the previous post - the specific Vox you mentioned can do anything with a reasonable level of competence, including metal-ish tones (UK modern, around 35 secs in the demo below). It won't do 'bumblebee in a tin can' distortion, but buy a line 6 if you're after that.

Vox demo:

Peavey demo:

The settings used at 4 mins 30 secs in the Peavey demo offer a comparable distortion tone to the Vox's 'UK modern' setting, although the Peavey amp provides more distortion in the demo. I believe the Vox's gain is only set at about half in the demo, as it is possible to get more gain from the last few amp models.

Personally, and based on those two demos, I think the Vox beats the peavey tonally. To my ears, the Vyper sounds thin and lifeless in pretty much every setting used in the demo there, whereas the Vox produces fatter, warmer sounds. Personal preference though.

I also believe the Vox is part-valve, whereas the Peavey is entirely solid-state. So I reckon buying the peavey = paying top whack for a 'bottom end' technology, whilst the Vox offers 'middle' tech for the same price.
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Yeah, the Vox can do metal sounds ALA Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Sabbath and such.
But I think the Peavey does a lot better at metal tones.
The Vox has better cleans though, IMO.

For the record, I used to own a AD30VT and an AD50VT, but had to sell when I moved.
I currently own a Vypyr 30.

And comparing those demos is worthless.
The Peavey demo uses a Strat (single coils) and the Vox demo is using a Les Paul (Humbuckers).
Naturally the Humbucker equipped guitar is going to sound fatter.

I'm not going to tell you to pick one over the other because each of those amps excel in different ways.

The style of music you play will be the deciding factor.
And I stand by my previous post on what I think would be suitable.

Also, The Vypyr 30 has a 12 inch speaker and the Vox has a 10 inch speaker.
That makes a big difference.

The Vox has 1 tube for the preamp.
The rest of it is solid state.
And just because an amp is solid state, does not mean it is bad or less desirable.
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Vox for blues and classic rock and some hard rock.
Peavey for heavier stuff.


Even though both amps can do pretty much every kind of tone, the Vox VT excels at low-mid gain tones, while the Peavey's high-gain amp models are top-notch.

Quote by CodeMonk
And comparing those demos is worthless.
The Peavey demo uses a Strat (single coils) and the Vox demo is using a Les Paul (Humbuckers).
Naturally the Humbucker equipped guitar is going to sound fatter.

Also agreed.

And it's worth mentioning that, even if you overlook the fact that the guitars used have different pickups on those reviews posted by Quiffmiester, they were recorded by different players, at different times, in different rooms, using different recording equipment.
They are absolutely worthless for comparison between the two amps.
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In my experience owning the peavy. I enjoyed having so many different amp models, effects, and things to choose. From I found it could get every single type of music I wanted. In the time I owned one I felt it was a sound investment. Peavy is also makes very reliable and dependable stuff.
Plus if you have more cash they make a tube version of the vyper 30!
I think the vyper tube comes in 60w and 120w.

My vote would go to the vox, unless you're an all metal guy. If you're near me I'll sell you a vt30 and/or vt100 dirt cheap. (I'd actually charge more for the 30, the 100 gets muddy, I prefer the 30).
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