FS/T - Acepro Acoustic/Marlin Sidewinder Project/Blackstar Dist-X + amps + more

Acepro AD-700C Acoustic - Fantastic high end Acepro acoustic here. Currently tuned to Open D and has a very full sound with a lot of clarity and rich harmonics. Mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, back and sides and a solid spruce top. Lovely inlays and binding make this guitar look he part as well as sound the part! There are a few little dings to the lacquer on the front and very light buckle rash on the back, but it's all superficial. Looking for £150 ono.

Marlin Sidewinder (Project) - Bought this on a whim looking to do it up but I've just never gotten around to it. Electrics in working order although the vol pot is a little crackly, the reversed neck pup drew me to this and definitely has a different flavour compared to most strat pups. Missing a tuning peg and has one dead fret on one string (17th on the 2nd IIRC) and has a shimmed neck, although that doesn't affect the action in any way. This guitar is just plain old, so has a fair few dings, dents and scratches, but it's all natural 'relicing' and improves the look of it if I do say so! Looking for £70 ono.

Blackstar Dist-X - Pretty self explanatory, high gain real valve pedal that sounds massive! I don't play heavy stuff anymore so it's just wasted space on my board. Gigged and has a few marks and a little chip but it's all superficial. £75 ono.

Behringer Slow Motion - A great little pedal - essentially an automatic volume swell. £12 ono.

Laney LG20R - Great little practise amp from Laney, sounds much better than many small Fenders and likewise. £50 ono

Orange Micro Crush 3 - A mini orange! Ultra portable practise amp - £20 ono

Acepro - http://imgur.com/MuXZFap
Marlin - http://imgur.com/Vw5z4Df
Behringer - http://imgur.com/yHtCLTZ
Blackstar - http://imgur.com/wXCPj3F
Amps - http://imgur.com/znTSSZN
New prices:

Acepro - £110

Marlin -£60

Dist-X - £70

Laney - £50

Micro Crush - £20