I play guitar in a small music group in my local church. We have about 5 musicians but that varies. We play fairly loud and I stand in between the pianist and the drummer. My amp is on a chair next to the keyboard to prevent feedback, thus I can't hear what I'm playing. Though before I did that I couldn't really hear it either. I checked and I was playing at about the right noise level which means i can't just make it louder. I need to find a cheap way to be able to play my guitar through my amp and be able to hear through headphones (earphones preferably) aswell. I've looked at in ear monitors but they also isolate sound, and because we are a fairly small band that means I won't be able to hear anyone else so I might aswell not play, I also considered buying one and not using the ear buds provided but I realised that's what you pay most of the money for. I've also thought about plugging speakers into my amp but because I don't have a line out I would have to use the headphone jack but then the sound wouldn't come from the amp making hacking an amp relatively pointless. Any ideas would be gratefully recieved.