So I was looking at the black hole sun tab, and the tuning it calls for is very new to me.
I've done drop D plenty of times but "half a semi-tone sharp"? Would I be right in saying that translates to half-half-step? How would I go about doing this, just turning each peg a tiny bit more?
I agree with vocoderboy...I TRUELY do not understand why people get so hung up with playing songs 100% the way an artist plays it on a cd when the artist themselves don't when they play it live.... And also the person in a club or wherever they are listening to you play wouldn't know anyway if you were in the exact same tuning as the original....
So just tune the guitar as close as you believe it should be and enjoy playing the song...
mkay thanks all of you. I played along to the song just to see what they meant, and I kinda understood what they meant, but it wasn't noticable enough for me to meticulously watch the exact pitch. anyway thanks again