I am looking to add some new tones to my amp without buying a new one. The amp is fine if you are wondering, I just like to be a little more versatile and I like to experiment with new equipment. I was wondering if anybody has some experience with it, and if they could answer my questions. Would playing it on top of a dirt channel sound right? Does it blend well with other pedals? I've got a LP style (soon a hotrodded strat) through a phase 90 and a Boss noise suppressor, pedal train to a Carvin Legacy 3(like an egnater with fender clean channel) and a line 6 flextone 4x12 (like a marshall with v30 copies). Soon, when I have more cables, I will set up an FX loop. The videos I saw on youtube make it sound totally cool, because people will play it through a digital amp and it sounds like actual tube distortion because the pedal has a 12ax7 in it. Thanks for any input in advance.
get a mesa v-twin and call it a day. tubes are typically gimmicks in pedals, partially dueto the fact that there isn't enough current to get everything heated up.

why would you put ah OD in the loop??? please tell me its going out front.
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Yeah, front of the loop. I think having an OD after the EQ sounds pretty good. The V-twin looks mighty expensive, I might as well save up double and get a JCM.