Hey there,

I am a beginner and in the market for an amp. Sounds easy enough but there is so many choices out there and I am bit overwhelmed/indecisive. I have listened to a few and they all sound decent to me. I like to play rock (classic, hard), a bit of blues and occasionally some heavy things. Playing I use loosely...
I currently have a epiphone les paul standard and would eventually like to get a 2nd guitar (esp, strat, jackson, i dunno). I would like to keep the amp as cheap as possible but my budget at the top end is 700 canadian. The used market I am not really into due to my location. I have no aspirations to gig and just play in my basement as I use the guitar for stress relief. Weight, looks, etc I don't really care as I am looking for something that will last. I do have a pandora mini which I tap into when my kid sleeps.

I have looked at amps like:

Line6 amplifi
Fender Mustang 3
Yamaha THR10
Peavey Vypyr VIP 3
Orange Tiny Terror/Orange Dark Terror (with a cabinet out of my price range)
Fender Blues Jr III

Would anyone have any suggestions and help me solve my indecisiveness?

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Name 3-4 bands that you consider influences in your playing or you want to get close to their sound. It's a big wide amp world and this will narrow the choices some.
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A Peavey Classic 30, Egnater Rebel, or a Jet City would suit you well
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Quote by Cajundaddy
Name 3-4 bands that you consider influences in your playing or you want to get close to their sound. It's a big wide amp world and this will narrow the choices some.

Some influences would be GNR, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Metallica, Stevie Ray.

what is the top budget? sorry if you posted and i missed, it.

you seem to like general different tones. you have the US flavor as well as the Brit flavor.

on ZEP studios, didn't page use a supro? i could be remembering wrong.

SRV is a fender with a bunch of TS's.

slash is Marshall basically, IIRC he had a Marshall signature model head for a while

metallica has used anything from JCM800's to mark II+'s on earlier. i am sure they have used about everything.

so you are asking for a tall order. could you get a MKIV? MKV? that would be probably what i would do (and did. i have a MKIV).

or a vypyr tube 60 used off of GC's used site/
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These are all rock/metal and toward the top of your budget, but I believe you get what you pay for..... You can also pull some blues off with the right guitar: peavey 6505+112, or any of the Bugera line; ie 6262, 6260, 333. I should mention these amps can get loud real fast, but all sound really, really good; of course no where near my EVH though (:
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A Peavey Classic 30, Egnater Rebel, or a Jet City would suit you well

+1 on all these. +tube vyper.

The Rebel does a pretty good job of Fenderish (bright, smooth, somewhat chimey) and Marshallish (darker, crisp growl) tones. The tube Vyper may be the way to go though just to get some different sounds to screw around with and work out your preferences.
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You could try out a Jet City or Marshall DSL amp. Both kinds are well-received here.
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traynor ycv maybe? heard some complaints about reliability/build quality/maintenance being a pain in the ass, but for that range of tones I'm guessing the 40 or 50 would be hard to beat at your budget new (assuming those things i mentioned don't put you off).
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Thanks all. When I get to the city next I will try and have a listen with them all and see what stands out. I really appreciate it. Came in thinking oh ya modeling solid state amp and leaving with something entirely different! Looking forward to it and eventually a shiny pedal.
Canadian. Hmmm makes me point to traynor. Dunno the prices but they are Canadian made and from what I hear, Marshally which should be perfect.
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