The title says it all. If I get the Focusrite 2i4 instead of the Apogee, I still have some $$ left over for other gear like mics and stuff, but my question is whether the Apogee One THAT BIG of a step over the 2i4?

The only reason I might want to get the 2i4 (having previous owned the 2i2) is for the outputs; to connect speakers, MIDI and the "Pad" function that I've seen the whole recording forum mention.
Moderate to big step quality wise, but is it worth losing one input and two outputs? I love my apogee stuff to death, but be honest with yourself - is one input enough?

Spoiler alert: No it's not. It's not enough.

Also, the One will have a pad function, it's in the software though, not a button on the device.
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I got the One in the end...it has a XLR/internal mic + 1/4" instrument input which can be recorded at the same time. I figured it's best for me as my table doesn't have room for monitors and it's not really feasible to mic up my amp and record since I live in an apartment and don't finish work until 7ish...

Plus since I travel a lot, all I need is an iPad and I can bring it for travels and work on my vocal!