Les Paul Telecaster Flying V....

I mean Schecter Hellraiser C7 Special

Today ive got my second 7, although this one seems Baritone? 26,5 Scale. Really comfortable , i love it and it sounds amazing. Couldnt sleep because of it. I have paid 700$ for Stock A in local store, hope it will serve me well !





Congrats man, looks sweet! I like the see through top
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Gorgeous guitar! Well done!

Side notes:
Sevens often have a longer scale to support the 7th string's tone better.

There are sevens on the market now that are multi-scale, with a 25.5" scale for the high E, and a 27" scale for the low B http://www.rondomusic.com/pendulumprodual72527ebblackflame.html:

Surprisingly easy to play, it turns out that the fret orientation follow the natural angles of your hand, wrist and forearm as you move up and down the fretboard.
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