Hello Everybody!

Basically, When I write an original or do a cover I write out all my Drum parts (and the rest of the song) in Guitar Pro 5. I write the drum part very accurately, with accented notes, different snare sounds etc. Then export the Midi.

I then load the MIDI into Mixcraft and use Battery 3 for samples, but here is where I get hung up.

The drums sound OK, and I have decent samples, but It still doesn't feel organic enough to me. I know other folks who do a very similiar process, but it sounds so much more... real?

Does anyone have any techniques / VSTs or any Ideas to give my drums the life they're missing?

PS: My Drumset is at another location, So for the sake of this thread, we're going to say that recording a live kit is NOT an option.
Does the midi import with the velocities intact? Or does it ignore them? That would make a huge difference.

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Yes, it does bring velocities over, accents and whatnot. Any ideas for a good Humaniser? i found one but can't tell the difference.
The DAWs usuallyhave these built in their midi editor. I liked the Digital Performer's the most.
Studio One and Cubase have them for sure. Don't know about the rest but I'd imagine they do. Also throw in some swing, S1 has option to add percentage of "swing" to the feel.

Reaper is shareware so might start there:
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