Nicely done, I agree with your own observations. The lead could probably do with less volume, but that just might be my headset. I have trouble working out the volumes on my recordings so I cant judge haha.

You planning to do a full cover? I have one in the works, trying to getting decent tones first, Orion is a gem dont want to just use any crapy sound. Woops rambling, Anyhow, keep it up, its pretty clean which is important especially for acoustic.
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Thanks for the feedback man, the volume levels are pretty janky, a user called TheSoundGuy remixed it for me but put the track as private so I can't link it:/ I'm not sure about a full cover as I'm not that great a guitarist and won't be able to perfect the solos, I am thinking of doing a few other songs in acoustic, I have some ideas for some pantera songs.
Thats too bad, would have liked a full one, but intrigued by the pantera stuff, look forward to see what you come up with.