Djent/Progressive Metal duo from Melbourne, Australia. For fans of Periphery, Meshuggah, Cloudkicker etc.

We've just released a track from our upcoming E.P, please let us know what you think .


It's also available for free download on our bandcamp page if you like:

If you dig the track, don't hesitate to like us on facebook and/or share it around, we'd really appreciate that!

Thanks guys

- Theta

P.S If you play similar music yourself, don't hesitate to chuck us a link, I'll gladly check it out
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No vocalist yet? Anyway, you guys got it! This song rocks. I like the timing changes around 1:28 and how it kicks back in at 2:16.

Good job!
Awesome work! Love the fat riffage. The break is really good too. The only things missing is some gnarly vocals.

I look forward to hearing more.