Hi all,

I have a Fender Mexican Strat which I've had for about 5 years.

I noticed the other day that there seems to be a mark between the B and e string on the 6th fret (see link)

I know it's rather small and not very noticeable, but I was just wondering if It's down to not cleaning the neck or if it's common and nothing to worry about?

Any input would be appreciated.


oh shit that's bad. I'd replace the neck immediately. Serves you right for buying a mexican.

In all seriousness: There's nothing to worry about and you're silly for thinking there is. This happens all the time. Still clean the neck just because, but there's no issue
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I have one of those across the whole 15th fret of my tele. It's nothing.
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Is it mould or a stain from dirt or something? I have it also.

I know it's nothing but it's still weird. All green and stuff.
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No idea what it is but I get it all the time under pickup rings for some reason.

I guess its just grime?
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Its the grime from your fingers. It'll easily wipe off with a cloth. Get some fretboard cleaner and wipe the fretboard down every once in a while.

I've go a Mexi Strat with a maple board as well. It feels gross as hell but it looks really cool like your board is getting worn in.
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